Katrin Windsor

I like being part of The Coincidence Project. I find it “spiritually productive” and that it contributes to my growth and happiness, my understanding of life and the interconnectedness of all things.  It makes me more aware of the coincidences and synchronicities in my life and their meaning. What may seem totally random, doesn’t suddenly seem so random anymore. As an Executive and Teamwork Coach, and being a long time meditation practitioner and instructor, I consider myself a lightworker. I love connecting others to the coincidences in their own life, so they can see more fully see their own light, life and brilliance.  Coincidences are delightful sparks that can light people up and shed light on their life, its meaning and purpose. Spreading coincidence awareness into the world making people see their own synchronicities in life is a worthwhile project, and it’s delightful and fun.

BIO: Katrin Windsor is an international Executive and Teamwork coach, change-agent, speaker and facilitator with 20 years of experience helping leaders and teams perform at their best. She has coached teams to greater performance in more than 40 countries. Her clients range from founders to CEOs of publicly traded companies and their teams. 

As a speaker, she has given keynotes in 3 languages and delivers immersive workshops. Katrin is an expert in facilitating experiences from very large group events to one-on-one personal coaching sessions. A native of Switzerland, she has lived in 5 countries and is fluent in 5 languages.

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