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Coin Toss

Posted on February 4th, 2024 by Ken Bell

On a Tuesday, I flipped a coin. It landed on heads five times in a row, so I cancelled my travel plans. The next day, I got a call to help with an event for Friday and Saturday. During the event, a lady urgently needed to get to her car, so I went with her. Along the way, I ended up seeing Sasha going the opposite direction with her sister and niece.

After taking the lady to her car, I caught up to Sasha’s group and we had a quick conversation. I also told them about a party where we reconnected with some friends later that evening. As the party ended, her friend suggested that the three of us go for a drink. We went to a restaurant, and her friend stayed for a short time. After hanging out for much longer than expected, I asked her to pinch me to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, and she did. 

I first saw Sasha 11 years prior and was in awe of her smile. A month or two later, I saw her again, and we exchanged numbers. For the next decade, I put my best foot forward to have things go beyond a friendship but was not successful.

To my surprise, the second floor of the restaurant was open 24/7. The sun started rising, and she agreed to have breakfast.

Our paths had crossed many times including one year before when we met Sasha at a gathering a friend had organized and she was invited by his sister who I didn’t know. Although we talked by this time, I had given up any hope of anything significant happening. A few years before, she did my mom’s makeup after we “randomly” ran into her at a mall.

We got married two years later!

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