Anne Heleen Bijl

I experience many synchronicities; they are an important part of my life. Every time remarkable coincidences happen, I feel grateful and happy. For me it is a comforting, confirming sign that everything is connected and that ‘there is so much more’: it represents another mysterious dimension that cares about helping us to realise our wishes and reach our true life destination. It teaches us that everything matters, and that we cannot always immediately determine the importance of something that occurs. I often expect the unexpected to happen, something that can connect the past and future. Sometimes it is a clear compass, showing that I am on the ‘right path,’ and at other times I cannot fully determine the meaning behind a coincidental event, other than making me wonder. It enriches my life, as I feel guided and looked after, and part of a bigger story that matters. I love being an ambassador for The Coincidence Project, learning, sharing, spreading insights, growing in our knowledge, and helping to make people more open and aware of the wonderful coincidences that can support them.

BIO: Dr. Anne Heleen Bijl, owner of Creative Consultancy, works for 35 years as an inspiring trainer and consultant in many organizations all over the world. Her approach is very professional and personal. She likes to connect people, teams and ideas. She facilitates companies to achieve their goals and beyond, in a pleasant way. Coincidence and synchronicity occur often in her life; now she likes to share extraordinary stories to make people think about it and arouse curiosity.

Anne Heleen loves meeting people, discovering countries and cultures. Working in Africa grew into a passion and she is president of the Flow & Go Foundation to empower communities. She creates movement, commitment and creativity: results are achieved effectively and opportunities discovered and picked up. She won several prizes for her concepts and approach.

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