David Strabala , MSW

Synchronicity began shaping the stories of my life at age 12, when the timing of my sister’s death opened my heart to coincidental meanings.  That experience drew me to explore life’s meanings that hide within coincidences connected to personal stories, movies and fairy tales.  It can be hard, however, to recognize a synchronicity or know how to discern and relate to its meaning.  As a therapist, storyteller and filmmaker, I teach others to spot story patterns inside and outside that could be meaningful coincidence (synchronicity). Because synchronicity is subjective, what is meaningful for you may not be so for others, and this is part of what makes a community like TCP so valuable.  Our life stories are enriched by the unique views of people here and everywhere who share their own.  In chaotic times like these, meaningful stories have the power to show us gifts inside wounds, enable coherence with our past, and instill confidence for the future.

BIO: David Strabala is a full-time Juvenile Office Counselor for Clay County, MO, specializing in troubled youth/families for the last 20 years. Individual and group therapy includes many forms of self-discovery, such as storytelling and rhythmic stress reduction techniques to resolve issues. He is also a part-time storyteller/teacher, with healing program for veterans and first-responders suffering from PTSD. 

Prior experience includes three years on Mobile Crisis Team, one year with employee assistance program, two years in day treatment of adults with traumatic brain injury, and five years of community mental health, working with all populations. Teaching activities have included classes for parents, teens, batterers and clinical professionals. Storytelling activities have been for many public audiences. Created award-winning feature documentary in 2014, “What Is Synchronicity?”

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