Juliet Trail, PhD, Vice President

I am a High Frequency Coincider, experiencing many meaningful coincidences throughout my life, and I seek in my work to empower others in their growth towards wholeness, wellbeing and respect for the interconnectedness of all life on earth. When Bernard Beitman first invited me to join him to collaborate on the founding of The Coincidence Project, we decided to “just ‘co’ with it,” to create a global initiative together that could benefit humankind and the web of life. TCP brings my experiences and commitments together in ways that increase our individual and collective knowledge, cultivate wonder and awe, and provide tools for self-analysis and discernment of life purpose, as well as awakening us to our fundamental nature of oneness – interbeing – for people around the globe. 

As TCP Executive Director and as a Coincidence Ambassador, I seek to deepen our knowledge of and communication about the ways that coincidences connect us to one another, to the natural world, and to animals and plants. By making these sometimes invisible currents around us more visible, compassion arises in us: if we are connected to the web of all life, then protecting or supporting other beings becomes as precious and important to us as protecting ourselves, our loved ones, or the members of our immediate family. In fact, all life on earth is our immediate family, and meaningful coincidences help us to see and to directly experience how deeply embedded in the web of life we are.

Juliet has taught and presented across the US and in the UK, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Rwanda. She builds upon more than two decades in leadership, organizational development, teaching and contemplative pedagogy in higher education at the University of Virginia–16 years; New Mexico State University–3 years; Contemplative Higher Education Alliance for Research, Teaching and Services (C-HEARTS)–7 years. She is a trained Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) Teacher.  Her doctoral research focused on identifying the emotional intelligence and personality characteristics of Network Enablers, defined as individuals with a strongly empowering and positive impact on others around them in their professional networks. She’s a poet and musician, singing and writing music in the bands Unheard Sirens Inc. and Webweaver.

Article: The Compassionate University: How University of Virginia is Changing the Culture of Compassion at a Large, American Public University

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