Mary Kay Landon , PhD

Coincidences offer us an alternative view into “reality” where thoughts, objects, events, and beings, so seemingly separate and autonomous, are actually much more connected and interdependent than they appear. Having developed one of the few experiments that sought to “seed” occurrences of coincidence in a controlled study for my PhD dissertation, I seek to bring this interest in systematic, prospective study of coincidence into more public view through my involvement with the Coincidence Ambassadors. In collaboration with the Ambassadors, my vision is to engage the public in “coincidence play” so that we can all gain deeper insight into this phenomenon that is so universal, yet whose nature remains elusive and mysterious. Such activities could involve engagement exercises, treasure hunts, incitements to creativity, and exploration of oracular systems (especially the I Ching) that, by definition, “play” at the intersection of mind and matter.  

BIO: Mary Kay Landon received her PhD from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. Previously, Mary Kay had already become a regular practitioner and student of the I Ching. Upon entering the Institute, she embarked on a more formal study with noted Taiwanese scholar Dr. Yi Wu. Since that time, she has presented lectures on the I Ching in various forums and conducted readings for many friends and clients on the topics of business, finance, careers, relationships, and health. She has since launched her own web site,, and recorded several YouTube videos on her I Ching practice.

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