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April 14, 2023

Aeon Karris

Chance Encounters Can Change Our Lives

While living in India some time ago, I was working with a famous Guru on an eco-community project. We needed to have a series of meetings, but we lived in different states so he had asked me to meet him at a spiritual center where he was leading a weekend retrea

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April 6, 2023

Bernard Beitman, M.D.

How Does Synchronicity Fit Within the Field of Psychology?

Research on meaningful coincidences suggests that synchronicity and serendipity are quite common. The valid and reliable Weird Coincidence Survey [take WC Survey now] demonstrates their commonality in general populations

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January 27, 2023

Chris Mackey

Separating Synchronicity from Psychosis

Many people initially wonder whether they are going mad when they first experience a huge increase in amazing coincidences. This is certainly one of the main themes in messages of people who have contacted me as a psychologist who has written about synchronicity. Some also described how their friends or family believed they were psychotic at such times, despite them feeling quite sane. 

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January 6, 2023

Bernard Beitman, MD

Welcome to The Coincidence Project

When I was 8 or 9 my dog got lost. I went to look for him and got lost. Then we found each other. When I was 31 I was choking uncontrollably at the kitchen sink in my San Francisco house.

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