Let’s “CoincidAnce”! @June Coincidence Cafe

June 15, 2024

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Play brings a friendly relationship with the Universe into our lives. This month, our Cafe host Marcia Singer shares her decades of metaphysical storytelling experience about daily meaningful coincidences. Marcia Singer’s newest book, Co-incidAnce, is a guide book for personal and collective healing and empowerment. During this session, Marcia will share stories and playful exercises that nourish whole-hearted engagement of “the Play of the Moment.” FUNdamentals of her approach include what to do when, inevitably, we get out of step with our relationship to natural well-being and clarity. Tuning into the rhythms of life and coincidence offers freedom and healing for us, individually and collectively. Join us and enter the dance!

Register now for this session of the Coincidence Café monthly series: https://bit.ly/register-coincidence-cafe

About our host: Marcia Singer is a “Love Arts” educator, professional singer and entertainer, as well as an experienced group facilitator, author, meditation teacher, and psychic channel. She invites others to get in step with their dreams and trust the Universe to partner with us through meaningful coincidences and Playful, whole-hearted presence. In 2024, she published Co-incidAnce: a guide to Keeping Step with the Magical Rhythm of a Benevolent Universe. Learn more.