Tales and Symbols with ‘the Synchronicity Fairy’ @May Coincidence Cafe

*)enna LaMere, also known on social media as ‘the Synchronicity Fairy,’ returns to Coincidence Cafe to host a session highlighting tales and experiences that she had in posting about synchronicity every day for a full year, building an online TikTok following of 144,000+, and with viral synchronicity videos gaining as many as 4.9 Million views! She has helped to show people the many ways meaningful coincidence can show up in our lives, and she has collected amazing stories from her Followers. Jenna will share favorite highlights of her Synchronicity Fairy journey, and then lead the group in a guided visualization practice around connecting with symbols. Participants will have a chance to share favorite stories of their own, and to work with the symbol that emerges from the guided practice.

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About Our Host Jenna, aka *)enna LaMere is an Inspiration Artist, Intuitive Alignment Coach and Content Creator behind the viral TikTok series “Synchronicity Fairy,” with 144,000+ followers and 1.3+ million likes (learn more about *)enna).

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