Synchronicity and Second Chances


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November 2 @5:00-6:30 pm EDT (New York) | 2:00-3:30 pm PDT (L.A.) | November 3 @8:00-9:30 am AEDT (Melbourne)

Presented by Ken Harris, Lisa Busbaum, Aeon Karris, and Chris Mackey

Join us for a panel discussion led by Dr. Ken Harris with Coincidence Project Board Members, Lisa Buksbaum, Aeon Karris and Chris Mackey, exploring deeper questions of how synchronicity manifests in our lives. Ken is lead author and Lisa, Aeon and Chris are contributing authors to the newly released book, Second Chances: From Surviving to Thriving. Second Chances is an anthology of hope-filled stories about recovering from harrowing life challenges. All of the panelists are well respected healing professionals who recognize and harness the power of synchronicity which commonly played a miraculous part in aiding their recovery from life-threatening and other challenging circumstances. Join us for this riveting experience as they explore such questions as why we believe that many coincidences are more than “just” coincidence, what kinds of circumstances influence synchronicity to come about, and how might it work.

About the Panelists

Dr. Ken Harris, M.S., D.C., chiropractor, educator, lecturer, workshop presenter, author and keynote speaker, was the founder of Waldwick Wellness Center in New Jersey. The center was a multi-doctor facility providing all-natural health and wellness care for forty-five years. A pioneer in holistic healing, Dr. Harris first established his practice in 1974 and in 1993 established the Mind-Body Wellness Education Center, dedicated to the exploration, understanding and promotion of the mind-body-spirit connection. Dr. Harris is an honors graduate, magna cum laude, valedictorian and former professor of New York Chiropractic College. He holds a BA in psychology and an MS in education.

Lisa Buksbaum is the CEO & Founder, Soaringwords  a nonprofit organization that has inspired more than 500,000 individuals to take active roles in their self-healing to experience greater physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. She’s the author of SOARING Into Strength: Love Transcends Pain. She’s the President, Positive Health and Wellbeing Division, International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA) where she hosts the podcast Sci-Why: Thought-provoking Conversations with Positive Psychology Thought Leaders. 

Aeon Karris is a leading transformational facilitator, leadership consultant, and Master Mystic. She’s the Founding Director of Know the Self, a Mystery School for Modern Day Living and a Founding Partner at Leadership². For nearly 30 years she’s been a visionary of evolutionary consciousness, seeding new business initiatives and eco communities to protect our future. Her extensive client list includes leading corporations, economists, elite businessmen, royals, and spiritual leaders in India, Japan, and the USA. She’s the author os Synchronicity, Unlock Your Divine Destiny and serves on the board of The Coincidence Project. 

Chris Mackey is a clinical and counselling psychologist and Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society with over 40 years’ psychotherapy experience in public and private mental health settings. He is the Principal Psychologist at Chris Mackey and Associates, Geelong. Chris is author of The Positive Psychology of Synchronicity: Enhance your mental health with the power of coincidence (see, and co-host of the Psych Spiels and Silver Linings podcast (see Chris was awarded the 2019 Australian Allied Health Impact Award for his clinical research, supervision of colleagues, media involvement and writing.