Nature Coincidences and Compassion

July 20, 2023

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Presenters: Matthew Zylstra, PhD and Juliet Trail, PhD

Meaningful coincidences occur between humans and also with the rest of nature: animals, trees, plants and celestial phenomena, giving us a felt experience of interconnectedness with the world around us. Stories and myths across the world speak about animals and plants serving as mirrors, messengers, connecting us to departed loved ones, appearing as totems or ‘spirit animals’, offering insightful teaching and healing, and seeming to be directly communicating with us in ways that are not yet fully understood by mainstream science. Join our hosts, Matthew Zylstra, PhD and Juliet Trail, PhD as we explore why these experiences are important, what kinds of experiences are common, and what the implications are for living together in a more connected, compassionate way on the earth. 

Matthew is an integral ecologist, researcher and outdoor facilitator with the Kwendalo Institute in South Africa and is passionate about meaningful nature experience and deepening our relationship with the earth. Juliet is Executive Director of The Coincidence Project, serving as Vice President of the Board, and is a U.S.-based teacher of compassion and nature connection, helping diverse groups heal and grow through contemplation alone, with other humans, and especially with the natural world of all beings.