Carolyn B

My recent experience has to do with the numbers in my month/day of birth (1111), and Nikola Tesla’s theory of the powerful connection in the numbers 3-6-9.

Fifteen years ago, my father was murdered. This traumatic experience took a toll on my life and health. Thoughts about my father consumed me. After his burial, I never visited his grave.

Recently, my stepsister came to Florida for a visit and wanted to visit our father’s grave. I decided to accompany her. We arrived separately at the cemetery. She was already at the office getting directions to the gravesite, because neither one of us knew the location.

As I arrived, I drove in on my own. Feeling an eerie presence, I noticed a harsh wind blowing as clouds began to cover the sun. The wind was only affecting certain trees, creating a path. For example, trees to the left were blowing, yet trees to the right were still. I thought this was unusual but followed the path.

As a fluke (almost to prove that I may be overanalyzing, a little insane, and probably lost), I repeatedly asked aloud, “Show me where you are. Guide me where to go.”

Suddenly, an extreme warmth and peace came over me. I made a few zigzag turns, then stopped where the trees stopped moving. Minutes later, my stepsister drove down the path, led by a caretaker.

“How did you know where to go?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” I said. “Just followed the moving trees.”

We stood by my father’s grave, speaking of his love and guidance, wishing he were here in the flesh, yet knowing he is always with us. Looking around, I noticed the adjacent headstone. It has my birth month and birthday on it. Also, the birthyear includes powerful numbers 3-6-9 in assortment.

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