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3 Synchronicities at Once!

Julia Harrison

One year, I was both a victim and witness of crimes, which was traumatic. I got little support from the police until I complained, so although the incidents happened in January and February, I wasn’t referred for counselling until late March.

While driving to the counselling appointment, I debated whether to get coffee because I was meeting the counsellor at a library, and they didn’t have coffee facilities there. For some reason, I passed the shop that sold takeaway coffee, thinking, “Oops, I need to buy more Easter eggs!” (I can’t resist Easter eggs, and I’d eaten loads of the ones I’d bought for the kids!)

I parked at the library, where I had been many times before, and asked the receptionist where my meeting was. She said, “We have free tea and coffee today. Help yourself!” My jaw hit the floor. I had never ever been offered a drink there! I was thankful and amazed.

When the counsellor came into the library, she introduced herself and handed me a huge bag full of Easter eggs for my kids. I burst into tears. I must have seemed crazy to the librarians, but I couldn’t believe she had brought the Easter eggs. I was fully intending to buy more after the session!

In the meeting room, I explained the two spooky coincidences. For two hours, the counsellor let me cry out all the emotions I’d had since the crime incidents. I felt so much lighter and was absolutely astonished when she asked what my birthdate was. The hairs stood up on both our necks when we realised we share the same birth date!

I left the meeting feeling someone was watching over me and comforting me. It felt completely magical.

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