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Life Flow and Long Distance Synchronicities

Greg Fitting

We built a log cabin on a lake near Birchwood, Wisconsin. The location is related to where my daughter Erin’s college roommate lived. The construction of the cabin had a long and complicated backstory, and while living there, it was the site of many significant coincidences. One example is that Erin’s college roommate became my wife’s doctor.

We sold the cabin in 2018 and now live full-time in Florida. However, we return to the lake for three weeks every year to visit friends and stay at a resort on the lake. It’s fascinating how many coincidences have happened since moving to Florida that are directly related to Birchwood, a community of about 600 people, which is 1,300 miles from our Florida home.

Recently, I was writing the reservation deposit check to the resort we stay at during our annual lake visit. As I wrote the check, I got a text from Erin, who is a nurse in Connecticut. She told me she just had a patient who has relatives who live near Birchwood and the prior patient had the same birthdate as her college roommate, who led us to the lake. This coincidence connected Florida, Connecticut, and Wisconsin in a moment in time.

The long and complicated backstory to these connections started with another moment in time over 50 years ago and has continued to flow accordingly. So really, this coincidence episode was not a surprise. It’s just part of this ongoing adventure in a life filled with these moments in time that are connected across many miles. However, in relation to the size of the universe, we are all standing next to each other.

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