A Dream and Synchronicity

Ricardo Escamilla

Few months ago, I had a dream with a colleague and friend. He was driving, I was in the car, there was a big curve, so we went out of the road. Finally we landed safe. I called my friend, shared the dream and told him to be aware of driving and curves. Immediately, he sent me a PDF document which title “coincidences”, it was an article of the Wall Street Journal, he translated to Spanish and wanted to share with friends. He did not know that I have studied synchronicity for more than 25 years! The original title of the article is: “The Hidden Power of Coincidences”, and mentioned the Coincidence Project and Dr. Bernie Beitman. I was very happy to discover that I had already read Dr. Beitman´s book, it was part of my Kindle library.

I made some research in order to contact Dr. Beitman, who kindly invited me to join the Coincidence Cafe. I feel that the dream is a symbol to “get out of my comfort zone” and to land in a safe land, a land of opportunities, connections, synchronicities and serendipities. When I attended to the first coincidence cafe I felt I was landed in the perfect moment, with similar people, I felt very happy. I am happy.

Thank you to all the people who participates in this project and specially Dr. Bernie.

Ricardo Escamilla, México.

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