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My Life Was Saved By a Phone Call

Amanda Wade

A couple of years ago, I was experiencing significant pain near my ear. I went to the dentist, thinking maybe something was wrong with a tooth.

It turned out a tooth on the other side of my mouth was infected. I couldn’t feel it when it started, because that side of my face was numb. The dentist office helped me set an appointment with another provider to perform a root canal, and the only available appointment was two weeks away.

I was in excruciating pain, but it wasn’t noticeable from the outside, so I went back to work. When the new dental provider called me later, I offered to give them a free service so I could be seen sooner.

I went in the next day, and they told me that if I’d waited any longer, I could have died from a serious infection. It was that bad, in fact the worst they had ever seen, but my dentist wasn’t able to tell from the X-ray.

I’m so thankful this happened! I may not be here today had it not.

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