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A Dream of Betrayal Comes True

Dimitra Vasileiou

In 2020, I had a dream about my ex-boyfriend. First, a bit about him: He was a childhood love, passionate and violent, and we were a couple from 1998–2008. At 24, I got pregnant, but he and his parents forced me to have an abortion. At 27, we moved to a Greek island.

Around 2009, we broke up. After 10 years of violence and jealousy, I was free. He moved back to our homeland and became a monk. In 2011, I returned to my homeland to visit my family. The next day, my sister woke me to say that my ex was dead. He’d had a heart attack on the road while delivering paintings to a place close to our neighborhood. That was the first coincidence.

I returned to the island and had a new partner. I lost three pregnancies, the last one in 2018. The same year, my father died from cancer. I went back to care for him in my homeland, but he passed one August night at the hospital while I was having a cigarette on the balcony.

Back to the 2020 dream…

I had just broken up with my partner. That same night in my dream, I saw an old female friend who was pregnant. Surprised, I asked about the pregnancy, and she told me the father was my deceased ex. I was angry for the betrayal in my dream, then found him on a balcony, but he refused to look at me and didn’t care about my pain.

I woke the next day, and received a phone call from a woman who said she wasn’t my friend but wanted to tell me that she and my boyfriend had had an affair since 2017.

The facts after this are so crazy, and so many, but the point is that he acted like my ex. He didn’t care about my pain.

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