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A Dream Message: “Laura is Pregnant”

Kathy Cervino

My sister-in-law, Kim, passed away at the young age of 34. A few months later, she appeared to me in a dream. We had a conversation where she whispered in my ear, “Laura is pregnant.” It was a real voice. The funny thing was, Kim was the type of person who could never keep a secret. She would even peek through the wrapping paper of Christmas gifts.

Laura, a mutual friend of ours and of my brother from college, had already had a few miscarriages because she had epilepsy and was a high-risk pregnancy.

The next morning, I called my brother and told him about my dream. He said, “I’ll call Tim and call you right back.” Then he proceeded to call Tim, Laura’s husband. He said “Hey Tim, is Laura by chance pregnant?”

There was some silence on the phone, and he replied, “Yes, but we haven’t told anyone yet, not even our families, as she has not yet reached 12 weeks.” My brother responded, “Kim told Kathy in a dream last night.”

Laura went on to carry that baby to term and that was their first child who arrived safely.

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