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A Loss of Authority Over Myself

Betty Eldridge

Kind of coincidence has happened before I knew about coincidences. I  thought to myself that I had a guardian angel that was making my lucky events happen. They were trivial, and I didn’t think about the lucky impulse that seemed to have caused me to go to the place where I needed to be.

I sewed a lot and often had to look for the exact color ribbon for a belt or trim without finding it. But one day on the way home, I saw a yard sale sign that I decided to go to. The decision was made by a part of me that has led me many times to what I am looking for.

The first thing I saw was a belt in a box of belts that I ordinarily would not have looked at. But the belt was partly hanging out of the box, and I was amazed because the color was so unusual. Trivial, but a really good example of an apparent foresight.

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