Are You Going to San Francisco?

Urszula Lang

I am Polish, living in Germany, and had never planned to visit the U.S. — but I changed my mind last year.

Since 2018, I have been experiencing synchronicities with San Francisco. Everywhere I went, I heard people talking about San Francisco, and everywhere I saw the Golden Gate Bridge. “That’s just a common symbol,” I thought. But then the coincidences got weird.

One day at school (I’m a primary school teacher), a boy said to me, “Can you tell me what’s on my T-shirt?” Well, there was Golden Gate Bridge and the words “Explore California.” He could have asked anybody, but he asked me, and he was wearing that T-shirt that day. But I still couldn’t believe in that.

Then one day I went shopping, and in the shop was a shelf of free books. They were old, boring books, so I wasn’t interested at all. Then I had this strange, strong feeling and heard an inner voice, “Go there.” So I looked, and there was a new city guide of San Francisco.

After so many coincidences, I decided to buy a ticket to San Francisco. And it was best travel of my life. I spent 10 great days there, met gentle people, and had fun.

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