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Coincidences and the Number 23

Tanvi Thakur

I was born on 23 February 2003, so you can see that “23” is in my date of birth.

When I was in twelfth grade, I watched a YouTube video about synchronicities, including seeing “angel numbers” like 1111. I read an article that said if your birthdate includes “23,” you will see this number often, and it means you have to believe in your manifestation and spiritual journey.

After that, I saw 23 everywhere, sometimes on car license plates, or when my gut feeling told me to check the time, and the clock would show 23. One day, I was writing something in my phone’s dairy when my phone froze, automatically typing the number 23.

Many synchronicities happen with me. Just today, I coincidentally got the video from the Connecting with Coincidence YouTube channel where Dr. Bernard Beitman asks viewers to share their coincidence stories on The Coincidence Project’s website. This is my story!

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