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Family Encounter on an Interstate Highway

Arnold Escobar

In the summer of 1966, I was working in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and my mother had informed me that some relatives would be taking a vacation and would be passing through Colorado Springs in a few weeks. They would be leaving their hometown, where the drive to Colorado Springs is approximately 1,000 miles.

One day leaving work, I took my regular route home, whereby I would drive approximately six miles, then enter the Interstate Highway, drive another mile and exit the highway. Driving home this day, I entered the highway and had driven a few minutes when I looked to my left and saw that the car next to me were my relatives passing through Colorado Springs on their trip.

We recognized each other and exited the highway to exchange greetings. My first thought was, “What a coincidence that my relatives after driving 1,000 miles and I driving six miles could meet each other on the Interstate Highway at that particular moment.” Just a delay of one second while driving and we would have missed each other completely.

With our modern technology of communicating with cell phones and using GPS to determine location status, it would be impossible to duplicate this encounter. It would require the coordination between myself and my relatives and the coordination of all the travelers that would be driving along the same routes.

However, if body souls existed and could communicate in some way with each other, then meeting someone along the highway at a particular moment would be possible to do, and it wouldn’t be a coincidence. It would be a planned coordination encounter.

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