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February 27th

Stacey Spadoni

I just watched Dr. Bernard Beitman on the Next Level Soul podcast, where he told the story of his father passing on his birthday, February 27. This reminded me of my own February 27 story.

My brother and I were caring for our father during his final days due to cancer. The visiting hospice service offered spiritual support through a religious minister. Our father always claimed to be agnostic and declined the spiritual support, but they came anyway in case he changed his mind. Our father used that visit to talk about his passion for the horseraces.

I would sit with our father every day and listen to his stories and confessions. One confession our father shared with me was about the falling out he had with our Uncle Richard, which led to a lifelong estrangement. He confessed that he actually always liked our Uncle Richard.

On my father’s final day, as I was sitting with him witnessing him suffering in pain, I prayed for someone to come get him. I called out to our mom who had already passed and to our Uncle Richard who had also passed. Our father died that night, February 27, 2015.

At that time, I did not know the date our uncle had passed away. I found out months later that Uncle Richard passed away on February 27, 2014 — exactly one year earlier to the date.

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