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I Need to See a Sign from Jesus

Kathy Cervino

I was chatting with a friend online. He was at his wit’s end with his work. He is a video creator of God-like topics. He told me he just couldn’t go on, and if he didn’t get some kind of sign, he was going to quit.

As we were texting, I encouraged him to continue onwards. Then I looked outside and saw a strange cloud that I knew was going to turn into an angel or something special. It formed the shape of Jesus. I sent him the photo as we were chatting and told him, “This is your sign.” He wanted to see Jesus, and here he was in front of me.

I get photos every day of angels in the sky and have strong connections to birds, feathers, the angels, and Jesus and God. I go to church every day and pray the rosary (only in the last few months), but I KNOW the only way I see what I see is through God.

And yes, asking and having strong intention and being open are the ways in which you can experience everything! God, who created the Universe, can give you so many gifts, but you have to be able to understand them. I have many more stories.

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