Inner Thoughts Matching Outer Events in Song-writing

Juliet Trail

In 2022, I was working on the release of a new song, sung in Spanish, “Mi Estrella.” The song is a tribute to two twin daughters who died very young. The lyrics come from a longer poem their mother Yiuvany wrote. I had Yiuvany check my lyrics from a demo version before I was going into the studio to record the final version, since I am not a native Spanish speaker. She noted an error on the word for dawn: it needed to be “amanecer,” not “amenecer.” So before my final recording session, I was practicing that word by singing that line of the song over and over, while driving in the car. As I’m singing it, I notice the small food delivery truck in front of me, and it has the business name painted on the back: “Super Amanecer”! It reinforced the correct spelling of the word, just as I was mentally rehearsing it. I had not idea that a business in my area had this word in their name, so it really struck me as such an unlikely coincidence to see that word exactly at the moment that I was singing it out loud! Here’s the link to listen and see the Official Music video of “Mi Estrella,” by my band Webweaver:

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