Karl Jung Connection Through Synchronicities

Maureen Benjelloun

My name is Maureen, and I live in the UK North East. People’s synchronicity stories on their TED talks has gotten me fascinated. Here is my story:

My Father died in April 2019. He was an Irish Dublin man, but my childhood was full of abuse from him. I never expressed any emotion when he died. I could not cry because of my hatred towards him, but later I realized that I cannot move forward unless I forgive him.

So on the 13th of October 2019 at 9.00pm, I approached my Father’s grave. I said to my Father, “I cannot go on feeling this way.” It was the right time to forgive his trespass against me. I said one Our Father (Lord’s Prayer) and one Hail Mary. Then all of a sudden from my head to toe I felt immense warmth flowing throughout my body and onwards. I have been going through a Spiritual Awakening.

Now I can tell you about Synchronicity. I have seen Angel Numbers nearly every day. Today, I have seen 222, 333, 444, 666, 777, and 999. Going through Adversities, Finding Coins, Feathers, Crows & Butterflies, Songs with special meanings, The Name Michael  & Beagles everywhere (that’s too long to explain), but I save the last one, the best for you:

1) Karl G Jung, The German-Swiss Psychologist, who coined the term Synchronicity; my deceased Brother was called Karl
2) My Grandmother is German & her maiden name was Jung
3) Jung’s Sister was called Johanna Gertrud; my younger Sister is called Johanna & my German Nanna was known as Gertrude (it was her middle name)
4) One of his colleagues was called G Stanley Hall; my maiden name was Stanley

So I feel so humbled that after forgiving my Father, God has blessed me with these little nudges. Do you think God is now smiling down on me as being on the right path?

Thank you,
Maureen & Tilly my rescue dog (in the photo)

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