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Library/Angel type (Ad Aperturam Libri)

Rey Blanco

This kind of coincidence involves “books, ” as the Latin phrase suggests. I seem to have relied upon some of these coincidences without trying to get carried away.

It is remarkable how sometimes we can be wondering and asking about ‘it,’ whatever ‘it’ is, and somehow something or a person carries the information as if to answer. The “messenger” might not be consciously aware that they are figuring in this play.

Perhaps a couple of dozen, probably lots more, that I personally have had the privilege to experience.  Some are simply amazing.

I’ve had where just as I had a question, arbitrarily opened a book, and read the first page “wherever the book has opened” (Ad Aperturam Libri), that not only did I find that particular statement relevant, but also the radio had appeared to echo a phrase. On at least a few occasions, a light beam from the moon, the sun, or another passing light shone exactly on the spot, at the same time. It feels as if it is part of a coherent light all converging and locking in.

Each becomes an element in the set to increase the “degree.”

Writer Arthur Koestler calls these book coincidences “library” or “angel” types.

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