Looking in the Ads, I Found My Dream

Sue Kientz

I had one dog, Dante, that I adopted a year after my 13-year-old dog Terry passed away in 1995. I began looking at SPCA listings of dogs in late 1997, thinking of maybe getting Dante a companion.  In early 1998 I saw a listing for a Sheltie and mentioned it to my boyfriend. We went down to see the dog and ended up looking through the entire kennel.

One dog I began to focus on looked interesting. As I stared at her, she seemed to realize I could be the one to get her out of there and she got very excited. We brought her home and immediately she had chemistry with Dante.

But as she walked into the house, she approached me with her ears flat, which made her look like old Terry. She and Terry had the same gold coloring, and because of that I named her Amber. Her papers said she was picked up on the street on December 15, 1997. I had had a dream about Terry a few months prior and so checked my journal to see if it was around that time. The day before she was found, I had this dream: “Terry runs and jumps into trunk of my car, he wants to go along. He has to stay there, tho. I carry him in my arms. He’s scared, and as big as Dante. I hold him on my lap.” Amber was indeed as big as Dante. Was Amber actually Terry? Whatever the case, I was searching the rescue dog ads for some reason, and it appeared I found what I was looking for. Dante and Amber both lived 16 happy years.

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