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Love Found Me

Janet Curcio Wilson

Like the Hansel and Gretel fairytale, my life seems to follow a series of signs like a path of breadcrumbs, which have led me closer to my life’s purpose. One such story is how I met my husband. I was returning from dancing at a conference in New Hampshire when a colleague and I drove past my husband’s grey Victorian and saw someone enter an upstairs room and turn on a light. I received a strong premonition that I would marry that man one day, so I told my friend, who was driving.

Another time, as Assistant Principal, my supervising Principal introduced me to Bob Wilson. I felt an immediately flush and, as he left, I could not disengage from watching him as he walked out to his car. It became obvious to my principal, and he said, “I thought you were seeing someone.”

Three years passed, and I was asked to bring several students into my office and call their parents because they ignored administrative request not to go outside where we had construction vehicles. When I called Sarah’s father into my office, as soon as he began to speak, I felt he was talking to me as a lover would whisper in your ear. The experience was so strong, I had to wash my face as soon as he left.

Later, I stopped into an art gallery in the same town as the school and introduced myself to the owner, Michaela. We chatted and I’d stop in occasionally. One day she said to me, “How come every time you come in here, I think of my friend Bob, and when he comes in, I think of you? I think I’ll make a dinner and introduce the two of you!”

We began dating and married two years later.

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