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Magic Is Everywhere

Elizabeth Gibbs

When I was 12, we went on a two-week vacation to Delaware. For the first time, we left our orange cat named Mango, and a neighbor come to care for him. When we returned home, he had sprayed in our house, so we knew he was scared. We were all sitting there when Mango formed words out of his meows saying, “I’m glad you’re back”.

We couldn’t believe our ears! Since then, I have experienced so many more.

When I was 15, I started having psychic dreams and daydreams that would end up happening in my life. I’ve had different ones ranging from dreaming about a cat and then waking up and having the cat from dream appear to dreaming about a boyfriend who was unfaithful before the event took place in my life.

I have also done my own experiments by asking my spirit guides/universe to send me signs, and a lot of times I get them instantly. About 8 years ago, I asked my guides for a sign in pictures I was going to take of the sky. Then I took the pictures. I didn’t see anything in the sky when I was taking them, but when I looked at the pictures, there was a very clear dragon cloud that I have been told was a dragon spirit.

I have been studying synchronization and psychic phenomenon for the last 23 years. It is fascinating and definitely real.

Last summer, my friend was diagnosed with metastasized cancer, so I started doing healing prayers/ceremonies for her. We both started experiencing strange synchronicities. I think the stronger you feel love in your heart and the more you believe in your authenticity, the more you experience synchronicities/magic. There is magic everywhere if we choose to see it.

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