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Marigold Coincidences

Weronika Szpunar

Last October, the school I worked in organized a Halloween celebration. Somehow, I missed the message that students and teachers were supposed to dress up. In the staff room, my colleagues were wearing fantasy character costumes. My principal (Morticia Addams) said it was a pity I wasn’t disguised, since I’d make a perfect Triss Marigold (from “The Witcher”, popular on Netflix at the time).

A couple of weeks later I was in T.K.Maxx looking through their jewelry. A golden necklace with an engraved flower attracted my attention. The box indicated it was a part of a flower calendar series. Only one month/flower was present in the shop, and it was Marigold, representing October.

I didn’t buy the necklace, just the matching bracelet. Back home, I had second thoughts and treated it as a sign because my birthday is in October (the day before Halloween). When I returned to the shop, though, I couldn’t find the necklace. About to leave, I looked one more time to find it hidden behind other boxes.

Later, I chatted with my sister about coincidences, and she said they never happened to her. At the time, we were arranging our cousins’ visit, as we wanted them to see our sick dad for the last time (their mom, my sister’s Godmother, died a few years earlier).

Before Christmas, my sister told me she had phoned our cousin to tell her about the dream she’d had. In it, she saw our aunt presenting her new home. My sister didn’t remember many details, only that the house was located near a cathedral and there was a big garden with only one kind of flower: marigold!

The next day, I showed her the necklace. She got goosebumps. She also didn’t know that marigolds are the symbol of immortality.

P.S.: A couple of months ago, I learned my aunt’s birthday was also in October.

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