Meaningful Messages on the Highway

Sue Kientz

When I began experiencing synchronicities in the 1980s–which, not knowing any better, I called “parallel situations”–they often cued me to something about to happen. Once I thought I saw a nearby car crash while driving on interstate 10, but then realized I was mistaken even as the fright it gave me didn’t subside very quickly. I wondered if a real accident was imminent, so I paid close attention to cars around me. Not too much later, the car in front of me had its left tire blow out, but I was ready. I slowed, turned my hazard lights on, and stayed behind the car until the driver got into the left shoulder. I felt I had done my part, as the driver could now safely fix the tire or use the call box from there.

Similarly, on the day before Thanksgiving, I was again driving on interstate 10 and could not get around a tour bus in front of me due to heavy traffic  I started to wonder if I was stuck there for a purpose, when I realized this bus had a glaring typo in its branding letters. The bus was from Scenic Bus Tours, which operate all over New Orleans, but this bus said SCCNIC BUS in huge block print on the back. What a mistake, I thought. How did someone not fix this? Then I wondered what huge mistake have I made, that this bus is “telling me” about.  I had been thinking that I had everything at home to make Thanksgiving dinner. Had I forgetten something? I reviewed again what I had at home and realized I had no breadcrumbs. I could still stop at the store and get them. Just then, a lane opened up that allowed me to pass the SCCNIC bus. I was so thrilled I waved at the bus as if to thank it. I turned up the radio and enjoyed the moment. As my exit approached, suddenly the SCCNIC bus passed me! It then dawned on me:  I had passed the supermarket exit–and again forgotten to stop for those breadcrumbs! I detoured to another market and got that essential ingredient for a turkey dinner.

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