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My Birth Seems Planned

Cassandra Freier

It seems as though my birth was planned.

My place of birth is Loveland, Colorado.

My parents are compatible on both the Greek and Chinese zodiac.

My date of birth is December 3, 1987, which has the digits 123 and 987 in it.

My birthday is exactly one moon cycle away from January 1 every year. This means my birthday and January 1 share a moon phase every year. On my 30th birthday, there was a full moon. The Gregorian calendar is heliocentric, so there isn’t really a holiday for the moon. However, my birthday is what one might call a “moon birthday.”

My name is Cassandra, like Cassandra of Greek mythology who was given the gift of prophecy by Apollo but cursed not to be believed. She knew the truth about the Trojan Horse, but many people in her public cast off her warnings as insane, due to the curse. I hear voices and see visions like Cassandra of Greek mythology did, and while I try to tell people about my experiences, I am often cast off as insane, just like Cassandra of Greek mythology.

The Apollo missions to the moon were named after the god who gave Cassandra the gift of prophecy and also cursed her. My connection with the moon missions is my moon birthday and my first name.

I have more coincidences to share, but I’m running out of words.

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