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My Father Let Me Know He Loves Me

Ghislaine Young

My father was killed in an accident when I was a child. I’ve missed him all my life.

Fast forward to the present, I ask the universe for a sign from my father to mark the anniversary of his death. Then I remonstrate myself: I clearly need to get a grip, this being 62 years after his death. Yes, but in other dimensions does time even exist?

That evening on TV, the first choice Netflix presents is “All the Light You Cannot See”, a series based on the book. I had read it previously and been struck by the resonances of times, places and names with my father’s life.

I sit down to watch with my husband. Suddenly, we become aware of choral sacred music playing in the background. Strange accompaniment to the film… no, in fact the radio has come on spontaneously. That’s odd, we think as we turn it off.

The following morning, I come to my senses: that’s more than odd, is it the sign I requested? Especially as it coincides with the theme of the film (WW2) where a daughter is trying to communicate her love to her father who is missing, by radio.

I decide to journal the synchronicities this incident has revealed to me. As I’m writing, the radio switches itself on again and plays a requiem! Never before has my radio turned itself on and off. I feel loved and held by my father more than at any time in my life.

The next day, the radio randomly plays a programme about fathers and daughters. The person interviewed is a musician who has a deep spiritual relationship with her father who was killed before she was born.

What have I learned from this experience? My father is reaching out to me, loving me with his presence. Love is eternal and the highest form of consciousness, and we are all connected in one vast Interbeing!

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