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My First Meaningful Coincidence

Justin Blue

Twenty years later, and my souvenir remains a significant reminder of what I’m alive for.

When I cranked the SOBE drink open and none of the ring broke (don’t they always, at least a little?), there was already an odd pull on my interest.

The movie Old School was big at the time, and as I looked to the underside to read this line from one of its more memorable scenes, it was a great signifier of the creative progress I was about to make.

With my last name being Blue, I’d often hear that uplifting quote from classmates. A lot of us high schoolers appreciated the humor of that movie, and it was kind of endearing to be recognized like that.

Point being: I was at a desk job that I landed right out of school and felt compelled to buy a sketchbook for work that day. As I drew out my first “therapeutic” kind of sketch, I was given an inspiration that acts as a fuel for the rest of my life to ride on.

The sketchbook and drink cap alignment with me and my activity in that moment created a truly meaningful coincidence and acted as a super noteworthy form of validation and encouragement. I intuitively found a way to process my feelings and was that much more inspired, starting down the road of paying attention to the world with artist’s eyes.

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