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Not Alone: Spirit Speaking Through Signs

Shawnna Alto

I have so many instances of “coincidences” coming about and being profoundly meaningful, but one that blows my mind every time I think about it happened recently.

I had been having a lot of anxiety and panic about finances, work, and personal relationships. I felt lost and alone. I finally accepted I needed to ask for help (which I am notoriously bad at).

I was in bed crying and said, “Spirit, if you are here and supporting me, and if everything is going to be okay, please send me a specific sign. Send me a cup with a heart on it.” I had heard of other people asking for specific signs from Spirit in the past, but avoided it because I was worried I wouldn’t get a response. This time, I was ready.

The next morning, I was scrolling my phone and came across a picture of a mug in the shape of a heart. “Hmmm, interesting,” I thought, ”but it doesn’t really feel like a sign. This must just be a coincidence.” Within a few more hours, a picture of a mug with a heart on it and a winking face showed up on Facebook, and I knew it was confirmation I was looking for. Since that day, I’ve never seen any cups with hearts again.

This confirmed to me that we are not alone, guidance is always available, and the Universe sends us what we need and ask for. I love this story because it shows us our power and the greater connection in this life.

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