Christopher Rodgers

The most intense synchronicity I ever had was connected to a dream.

In the dream, I was at an airport somewhere in Southeast Asia, and there were a bunch of businessmen sitting around a table (like a teppanyaki-style hot plate). I joined them, and they were all eating still-moving octopus tentacles. At the moment I tried some, I woke up.

Once awake, I went through my normal morning routine scrolling through my Twitter feed, and one of the first images that popped up was a Japanese samurai helmet with a golden octopus sculpture on the front. This was synchronicity #1, but not the main one that happened that day.

We were planning on booking a trip to Hong Kong, and that day we went to see a travel agent (might explain why I was dreaming of Asian airports!). We were talking with the agent who has been to Hong Kong himself, and he was giving us the rundown of things to see, etc. He was telling us how to get around and told us the name of the Hong Kong metro system: The Octopus!

I got the most intense feeling of epiphany as soon as he said that, and I knew that I either absolutely have to go to Hong Kong or I really should not go there under any circumstance. After some consideration, we opted not to go.

Had we gone, we would have been in Hong Kong in February 2020 at the epicenter of the Covid outbreak. Instead, we were at Universal Studios in Florida having a great time. Weirdest precognizant synchronicity that ever happened to me. At the moment, I keep seeing repeated numbers when I check the time — not worked out what that means yet.

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