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Seeing an Old Friend in Two Different Wild Synchronicities a Decade Apart

Erin C

In 2008, an old friend, G, called to say she would be near my town one weekend. Friends of hers from Colorado were renting a beach house nearby, and G wanted to come to my house and visit afterward. At the time, I lived in a carriage house. The main house in front is a bigger home with five bedrooms. My landlord at the time was like family. 

I asked my landlord if she had a guest room available for G. Landlord said she would try, but she also was expecting her cousin that weekend. Her cousin was renting a house down at the beach….you know where this is going.

G arrived at our house and confirmed that she had just spent the week with her friends from Colorado. Her friends were coming to our town to visit with their cousin. We tried to gently let G know that this was the cousin’s house. Big surprise.

A decade later, in 2018, my husband and I went to a concert here in town. During intermission as the lights came up, a familiar looking woman stood up in the center of my visual field. I said to my husband that she looked a lot like my old friend G, who lives three states away, and isn’t it funny how everyone has a twin somewhere. The woman looked at me and yelled my name. It was G. 

She ran up to me and we had a quick chat. She told me that on the way to the show she had been telling her friends about the last time she was in my city, and how weird it was that I knew her friend’s cousin, etc. Then the lights come on at the show, and I’m standing right there.

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