Sunday Morning Coincidences

Linda D

On a walk with my friend Lorita, we ran into her former neighbor who told her his daughter had passed from cancer just after graduating from high school, when her whole life was ahead of her. Lorita asked him, “Do you feel better knowing she’s in a better place?” He said he believed she is in the ground and that’s it.

I drove Lorita home and we decided to pray for her friend before getting out of the car. I told her I prayed God would give him a sign his daughter was in fact “in a better place.” Just as I said that a lady jogged by. Lorita said, “Oh my God, she looks just like his daughter who passed and even has the same long strawberry blonde hair.”

As she said that, the jogger turned around, knocked on my window, and said she was reluctant to ask but felt Jesus was telling her to ask us if we needed help with prayer. We explained what had just happened, then she got in the back seat and started praying out loud. We chatted for bit, then the jogger left.

I told Lorita that the woman’s prayer had sounded strange. Lorita said the woman was praying in tongues. I said that was weird to me, but Lorita said it was meaningful to her. She explained that her brother is a minister and she had asked him about tongues. He told her that if she was meant to know about it, it would come to her.

Just a very interesting Sunday morning. I felt our prayers were heard. I wish Lorita could run into that man again to see if he experienced a shift in his perception. This was probably 25 years ago, but I’ve never forgotten it.

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