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Kathy Cervino

I met my husband through my best friend in high school. He had moved to Georgia from New Jersey and started to work at my old high school where my best friend was a teacher.

We met at a bar one night when he decided to go out with my friend in a large group. We ended up hitting it off and started dating. One night we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. I decided to ask him his surname because I only knew his first name, Scott.

He responded, “Cervino.” I looked at him with complete amazement. I said, “spell it.” I thought for sure it would be spelled “Servino”, but he started with a “C”. My jaw dropped to the table. He didn’t know how to respond.

I told him that two weeks previously I had returned from a little mountain village in the North of Italy called Cervinia at the base of Monte Cervino where I had been a nanny for four months in the region of Aosta where my father was born.

I knew at that moment I would marry him. We have been married now for over 26 years. Forever grateful to God for his whispers of knowing.

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