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Telephone Conversations and Express Method

Konstantin Musienko

I have a friend from childhood with whom I did not communicate from 2001 to 2015 and could not contact in any way. However, at the beginning of 2015, he managed to find out my phone number and call me, because he learned I was looking for him.

Hearing his voice, I was surprised by how exactly he turned to me after so many years. He said, “Hey bro!”, although in the early years we never called each other “bro.” A few hours later, I told several of my acquaintances that an old friend called me “bro” during a telephone conversation.

One of them turned on the TV news at that very time, and the main story was that Barack Obama is so close to David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, that the U.S. President calls him “bro” in telephone conversations.

If synchronicity is a common occurrence in your life, this means that the source of this synchronicity (or node of the synchronicity network) is you personally or someone from your close circle. The source of synchronicity can be calculated in a simple way. Try charging a completely dead AA battery using only your palms. Rotate a completely discharged AA battery between your palms for half a minute, as if rubbing your palms while the battery is between them.

The source is the one who manages to charge a dead battery by rolling (rotating) the battery between his palms. It won’t work like that with a non-source. There are other methods, but they are not as simple as this express method.

People directly involved in synchronicity have a different physiology than others. I hope this information is useful.

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