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Theater Premiere Thanks to Coincidence

Anne Heleen Bijl

I had done remote coaching for an organisation in Tunisia. When finished I had a debriefing call with a (for me unknown) coordinator of PUM, who did the matching with me and Tunisia. At the end of our call he said, suddenly, “You live somewhere in the north of the Netherlands, don’t you?” Yes, i replied. Then he told me he was going to visit an old friend in the north with whom he used to work in Africa. His friend just moved to a new house, bought from an old lady, somewhere in the middle of nowhere. It did not take long  for me to discover he was talking about my new neighbor!

The reason for his visit was the big premiere of a theater play my neighbor organized. I had in vain been trying to buy tickets online for one of the other evenings. “Call your neighbor now, there must be place tonight,” the coordinator said. And so, that evening we found ourselves sitting next to each other by coincidence with our VIP free tickets at this wonderful show!

We ended up discovering a whole range of coincidental mutual friends !

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