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Aurora T

In midsummer 2022, I was woken by a crashing sound from my window. I got out of bed to check what it was and saw a gray bird on my verandah, so I immediately went down to help it.

I did not touch it at once so it could disperse its trauma. I waited for it to come to, but sadly it did not recover. I buried it under the hydrangea bed where its body will nourish the soil.

The thing in my mind was, what volition (Matthew Zylstra’s talk on The Coincidence Project Speaker Series) caused the bird to crash on my window, wake me, then die?

Summer this year, I had a pair of birds that nested inside a hole on the outside wall. 🤣 It’s the same kind of bird as the bird that died last year, and I could hear the little ones from the inside wall of my bedroom.

It was so lovely to hear them throughout the Spring until it was time for them to fly. One little bird was left to fend for itself and it hopped off the nest. I took it inside but decided to give it back to nature with the wish it would survive.

I’ve been planning to close that little hole, but…if other creatures would like to use it, I am happy to share my space.

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