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Word Coincidences

Sue Golden

My coincidences are most often with words. I will hear a word (usually a word that is not common), and then see it in print within about five seconds. Or vice-versa.

For example, I was walking in the gym parking lot half-listening to a motivational program. I thought, “I want to buy an SUV, so I should start looking at SUVs to see what various models look like.” At that moment, I heard the word “Odyssey” from my audio program and within the next five seconds, the first SUV I saw said “Odyssey.”

Another time, I saw a billboard that said “clown,” and a few seconds later heard the same word on the radio. This has happened many times in the past few years. So much so that it doesn’t even surprise me anymore. Unusual, as it had never happened the first 45 years of my life. I suspect it may be related to the fact that I started meditating.

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