An Impossible Coincidence from Typing Random Numbers!

Anne Heleen Bijl

I was postponing my work, I had to call a professor in mathematics for an interview. I was a little nervous about this. So I put it off a little more by typing in an invented word on Google with my eyes shut. Then I read  bat25grghdk48jns. I thought,” all right, this will lead to nothing”, but pressed Enter anyway. Yes, one hit showed up which was at the University of Groningen, on the website of this professor I was about to call! My random typing was part of his mathematical formula! Impossible! This crazy event helped me to grab the telephone; we had the interview and I told him about the coincidence. You can probably imagine how this mathematics professor reacted… Yes: he smiled politely. You can hear a lot more of my amazing, unlikely coincidences in the TEDx talk that I gave on this subject, “Remarkable Coincidence, a Valuable Compass?”:

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