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Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend


9 JANUARY: I had a dream that I lost my ring, which has my engagement, wedding and eternity rings remodeled into one ring. I had to get up to see where it was: and it was there, next to my late husband’sring on the photo shelf.

That night I went out walking along the promenade, a few metres from my apartment, where thousands of folks walk every day. By the 6 (shout out to you Chris!) flagpoles on the brick pathway, I saw a dazzling flash of light. I picked it up and it looked to be maybe a diamond! Round, traditional cut.

I did the glass of water test, and it sank to the bottom like a stone. Looks to be twice the size of my engagement diamond, so at least 1/2 carat!

I put a cryptic message out on the local FB page, asking if anyone had lost something off their fingers ‘of great value.’ Anyway, I took it into my local police station and hopefully the owner will contact them and the love story will continue!

What’s more amazing is for me to see something like that, with being blind in one eye and not seeing much with the other!

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