Harold Is Still With Us


In 2004, I had a horse, Harold. His grand-sire was Luskin Star, a very famous race horse here in Australia in the 1970s.

I bought an apartment here in Sydney last December. The lady next door said she wanted to buy my apartment at that time as well (mind has more water views and is a bit quirkier).

Chatting over coffee, my neighbor admired the huge door sticker of a cute horse. It’s on a barn door to the bedroom, so I thought a horse photo would suit it.

I told Melissa about Harold and his grand-sre Luskin Star: turns out Melissa went out with Luskin Star’s jockey in the 1970’s! Hugely amazing!

She still wants to buy my apartment, and I think the horse sticker will stay. I’m waiting to hear what she decides this week…fingers crossed. I have a feeling it will happen after that huge synchronicity!

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