Propinquity Coincidence: The Connections Between People

Chris Mackey

A common form of synchronicity is propinquity – a coincidence reflecting the psychological connection between people. A caller to our radio segment at K ROCK in Geelong, “Talking Synchronicity” described an amusing example. She was walking with a friend in a supermarket entrance when a public phone unexpectedly rang nearby. She jokingly told her companion, ‘That’ll be for me’ and answered the call. To her companion’s surprise, she had an engaged chat with the person at the other end of the phone. It turned out the caller was her best friend who had ‘randomly’ called the wrong number. I’ve had a number of experiences like this in my life! You can hear more stories as well as my thoughts about propinquity in this “Connecting with Coincidence” podcast episode where I was interviewed by host Bernard Beitman, in an episode called “Propinquity, the Surprising Nearness of You”:

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