The Cousin and the Alfa Romeo

Grant Battison

After 5 years of marriage to my wife, her father died. At my father-in-law’s funeral, I met her father’s cousin for the first time. He stood out for me, because I’m a real car enthusiast and I noticed that he drove a burgundy colored Alfa Romeo 159. We didn’t see him again after the funeral.

Seven years later, however, my wife suggested that I join her and her mom at a coffee shop. I accepted the invitation and upon arriving at the coffee shop, I parked my car and was walking through the parking lot. I happened to notice a burgundy Alfa Romeo 159 in the parking lot and I immediately thought about my late father-in-law’s cousin whom I had met only that one time – and I wondered if it was his car, as these cars are not at all common in South Africa; you seldom see them.

As I walked into the coffee shop one minute later, there he was at the table with my wife and her mom. I greeted him and remarked that I just seen his car in the parking lot. Much to my surprise, he said that he had walked to the coffee shop as he lived near by, and that the car I had seen had obviously belonged to someone else. My wife and her mom had just bumped into him at the coffee shop and the meeting was not arranged.

Strange days indeed!

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