Rey Blanco

:March 5, 2023

Just before we arrived home from shopping, we heard a radio commercial for the language app Babbel, which helps people learn a foreign language. The commercial evoked the idea of Babel in my mind. They’re pronounced differently; whatever I think is latent depends on thinking more about it.

The program resumed, but about a minute or two later we unloaded the groceries. About 15 minutes later, I decided to take a look at An Introduction to Logic and Scientific Method by Cohen and Nagel, a book suggested to me by a University of Chicago professor whom my cousin chauffeurs from time to time.

I am very interested in synchronicity logic–the technical categorization and quantification. There are many approaches, typologies, morphologies, parameters, attributes, and so on.

We could identify four categorical statements made by Jung that we can use as axioms. From those we can conclude one universal affirmative propositional statement.  I chose this book to help comprehend what it is that I am trying to work on.

I did not want to arbitrarily see what it said. I just wanted to start at the preface. I just got this book because  the last one I got was so musty that I could not open it without gagging and coughing. In any case, in the first paragraph, it read, ” … there is a bewildering Babel of tongues as to what logic is about.”

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